Author: <span class="vcard">Shema Abdoul</span>

Meet Derrick Marvin

DERRICK MARVIN IS A RWANDAN RAPPER, SINGER AND SONGWRITER. READ MORE HERE Songs like “Wack” and “No Limit” have that sort of vibe that makes both your party and nighttime playlist complete. The passion for music dates back to his freshman year in high school, the pensive rapper says that […]

Meet David Berg

DAVID BERG HE IS AN ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER FROM KIGALI, RWANDA. READ MORE HERE David’s love of photography came from his wanting to capture every happy moment in his life, so he could never forget it. “I’ve always loved it (photography) but didn’t really become serious about it all until […]

5 Cities You Should Visit In Africa

Many people seek to live abroad, especially cities in Europe, America and Asia. This rush to relocate is born out of the desire to reside in a city that offers good road network, electricity and other social amenities as well opportunities for economic growth. Ironically these young aspiring leave behind numerous […]


The Concretz Gang Music is back with their first ever project, a mixtape composed of 9 tracks from 5 different producers, I know this sound like a heavy thing wait until you listen to it.   1, 2, 3 bougez vous, I just wanna see you move, I don’t really […]

Rwandan Food “Imvange”

Contrary to what my Rwandan grandmother might tell you, when it comes to cooking (even Rwandan cooking) the first rule is, There are no rules. None. Zero. Forget all the rules you’ve ever been told, except of course the ones dealing with food safety. On second thought, make that safety […]

Top 6 trending coffee shops for hipsters in Kigali

After Analyzing all the coffee spot in kigali, Here are the best spots to get your coffee before a busy day. Bourbon Coffee This coffee shop was established in 2007 in order to present the finest Arabica Bourbon Coffees from the region. Buying its beans directly from the five regions […]

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