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Review: 18 SELF ADJUST

The Kigalian rapper polishes his style and submits some of his best songs, but the same thing that makes Chase dependable also makes him predictable.   18.SELF.ADJUST is Chase’s third project since Wait2Wait and he’s latest mixtape Sounds And Heartaches Fittingly titled, Chase told us during an interview that “18.Self.Adjust […]

The best albums of 2018

In particular order, here’s our pick for the 5 best albums this year:   5.    Bushali – Nyiramubande The Kigalian rapper follows up his soul-heavy debut with a more jazzy and lively sound affording this new album a more relaxed feel. While tracks such as ‘Tabati.’ still have the […]


  MAKTAIN delivers album number One, dropping his new LP, Seasons Change, (Febuary 26). But the weight of this release should be clear even without prior knowledge: Maktain has pulled together a set of collaborators, including major names (Prime, Weya Viatora, lce Nova, Theory and Amalokn) “Don’t you call me by my […]


  “The Dope Crack debut album, DISCLOSURE EP, was released January 13st, 2018. Since then, it has received critical acclaim and has been streamed over 1000 times on Audiomack. Even though the vocals seem to get lost in the loud instrumental solos and rushed tempos, the album shines as a modern […]


The Concretz Gang Music is back with their first ever project, a mixtape composed of 9 tracks from 5 different producers, I know this sound like a heavy thing wait until you listen to it.   1, 2, 3 bougez vous, I just wanna see you move, I don’t really […]