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Meet Jennifer Kamikazi

JENNIFER KAMIKAZI SHE IS A SINGER-SONGWRITER FROM RWANDA BASED IN UK. READ MORE HERE:   Jennifer Kamikazi is a singer and songwriter based in UK. For the past two years, she has been singing to people to understand the importance of social and virtual worlds. She’s also helping create a […]

Meet Mucyo Gasana

MUCYO GASANA HE IS A PORTRAIT OF A PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN ITALY. READ MORE HERE Mucyo Herbert Balthazar Gasana born in 1996 is an African artist and photographer born in South Africa, made in Rwanda, from Nairobi, Kenya. He currently lives, works and studies in Florence, Italy. At twenty years […]

Meet Jana Roos

JANA ROOS SHE IS A FASHION-DESIGNER AND ILLUSTRATOR BASED IN BELGIUM. READ MORE HERE  Jana Roos found her purpose and follows her passion. She is a young Belgian Fashion designer and illustrator who challenges herself by creating concepts that stimulate all senses. With every project, she immerses herself in a […]

Meet Aliane Uwimana

ALIANE UWIMANA, A RWANDAN-FRENCH MODEL BASED IN FRANCE. READ MORE It’s the first real hot day of April in Kigali, which means the drivers on Boulevard Street are finally rolling down their windows as they blast contenders for the song of spring. This year there’s Shaffy’s “Akabanga,” and Amalon’s “Byakubaho” […]

Meet Ichie Uche

ICHIE UCHE IS A NIGERIAN, GRAPHIC DESIGNER BASED IN RWANDA.  READ MORE HERE   Hi, I’m Uche. I’m a Graphic, Product Designer from Lagos, Nigeria, currently based in Kigali. I create visual identities for remarkable brands, some of my skills are brand identity design, user research, synthesizing research into insights […]

Meet Ibrahim Zethy

IBRAHIM ZETHY HE IS A RWANDAN PROFESSIONAL DANCER BASED IN KIGALI RWANDA. READ MORE HERE Twenty-three year old, Ibrahim Binego’s passion for dancing lit­erally changes his life. Living in Nyamirambo, Kigali born unto Rwanda, Ibrah’s passion and drive for business was always con­stant. “The way dance makes me feel – […]

Meet Lous and the yakuza

LOUS AND THE YAKUZA SHE IS AN ARTIST FROM BELGIUM. READ MORE HERE What’s some background information about yourself that you don’t mind sharing with our readers? I’m 21 years old, I’m from Rwanda and Congo. My off-stage name is “Marie-Pierra Kakoma” and I was born in Congo, Lubumbashi and […]

Meet Derrick Marvin

DERRICK MARVIN IS A RWANDAN RAPPER, SINGER AND SONGWRITER. READ MORE HERE Songs like “Wack” and “No Limit” have that sort of vibe that makes both your party and nighttime playlist complete. The passion for music dates back to his freshman year in high school, the pensive rapper says that […]

Meet David Berg

DAVID BERG HE IS AN ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER FROM KIGALI, RWANDA. READ MORE HERE David’s love of photography came from his wanting to capture every happy moment in his life, so he could never forget it. “I’ve always loved it (photography) but didn’t really become serious about it all until […]