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Best Picks From Tanga’s New Collection 2019

  For his new 2019 collection, Tanga Designs tease us with his brand new collection “Believe in couture SS20”. “I don’t see myself into the competition they brought me in,” the 23-year-old designer tweeted. “The billboard might not say my name but the streets undoubtedly cry for my art, I’ll […]

Fashion Trends You Need This Summer 2019

SUMMER 2019 FASHION TRENDS What’s your take on Karssh?” Quite apart from the definitive spring/summer 2019 trends, this was the conversational juice that fuelled the front row in the closing moments of the new-season collections. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week hasn’t been this whipped up. Hell hath no fury like a […]

Meet Jana Roos

JANA ROOS SHE IS A FASHION-DESIGNER AND ILLUSTRATOR BASED IN BELGIUM. READ MORE HERE  Jana Roos found her purpose and follows her passion. She is a young Belgian Fashion designer and illustrator who challenges herself by creating concepts that stimulate all senses. With every project, she immerses herself in a […]

Check Out Some Looks From Rwanda’s 2019 Fashion Week

CHECK OUT SOME LOOKS FROM RWANDA’S 2019 FASHION WEEK This past weekend, fashion enthusiasts, models, and fashion designers from around Africa headed to the biggest show in Rwanda for Rwanda Fashion Week. The show boasted of many highlights, like the Nigerian designers who used the fashion show as a medium to speak […]

Dispatch from Kigali, Where the Bags Are Huge and the Bucket Hats Have Veils

FASHION WEEK Dispatch from Kigali, Where the Bags Are Huge and the Bucket Hats Have Veils   If minimal maximalism was on display in Accra, and new ideas to chew on got softer in Nigeria, and South Africa was trying to tell me what to wear again (pls!), then one might assume that Kigali will roll […]

Make-Up Can Turn A Women To A Strong Woman

Make-up can turn a women to a strong woman Makeup has evolved through ages, nowadays wearing makeup became a trend that most girls started to embrace.   The average woman spends around 15 minutes or more putting on makeup and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Makeup in […]

Watch Christelle’s interview with Konbini

Christelle Yambayisa she is a Rwandan-French model born in Rwanda, she had to run away during the genocide against the tusti in 1994 and arrived in France in 1996. Christelle grow up in Lyon, France started her modeling career in 2015 after graduating from Jean Moulin University – Lyon3 iaelyon, […]

14 Stunning Photos From Saturday At Moshions

Moshions new store opens on Saturday 01st Dec, here are some close-up images Photo credit : Franck Axel & Luqmanmahoro / Twitter (@Moshions)

Roundly gorgeous

When doing passing through boutiques while shopping and see the mannequins, we all dream to look like them. Long legs, tight hips, and the perfect breast size to make it the body that every girl should wish to have. But that us just a stereotype that bring negative thoughts about […]

Girls, 8 Things That Could Be Making Your Hair Greasy

We’re guilty as charged.   We know that many of you struggle with having to wash your hair every day because the grease is unbearable, but getting to the root of the problem – quite literally – makes more sense than battling the beauty affliction. So here are 8 things […]