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A Rwandan, French model fights apathy with soul (Digital Cover)

It’s the first real hot day of April in Kigali, which means the drivers on Boulevard Street are finally rolling down their windows as they blast contenders for the song of spring. This year there’s Shaffy’s “Akabanga,” and Amalon’s “Byakubaho” — and, as Aliane Uwimana and I eat lunch at […]

An interview with Ibrahim Binego professional dancer (Digital Cover)

Twenty-three year old, Ibrahim Binego’s passion for dancing lit­erally changes his life. Living in Nyamirambo, Kigali born unto Rwanda, Ibrah’s passion and drive for business was always con­stant. “The way dance makes me feel – I can’t find anywhere else. Although dance is very visual for the audience, the dancer […]

Manzi Jazil: “I’m Not A Rapper”, I Have A Vision Of Doing Amazing Things (Digital Cover)

TheZoom: Tell us more about yourself ?   Jazil: Well my real name is Manzi am 21 years old born in Rwanda but haven’t been there in years I grew up in South Africa, cape town. Now living & studying in Belgium I’m proudly Rwanda even though I left at […]

Lous The GORE Of The Band YAKUZA Biography Plus Interview (Digital Cover)

  “Lous” is the word “Soul” backward. My music is the language of my soul, I think if souls could speak, that’s the kind of sound they will do. They will sound like precious melodies… And “Yakuza” stands for all the people who help me create my music.   I […]

The Platinum Boy David Berg Is Here To Save Your Souls (Digital Cover)

David’s love of photography came from his wanting to capture every happy moment in his life, so he could never forget it. “I’ve always loved it (photography) but didn’t really become serious about it all until I graduated high school and life got tough with being new to adulthood and […]