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Painted Black

PAINTED BLACK By Inès Umurerwa Rutayisire   Am painted black, I Am a little blossoming flower painted black. My painter chose for me the dark chocolate honey color and i can’t dream my self in any other color other than what was chosen for me, I Am wonderfully designed each […]

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SPOKEN WORDS By Inès Umurerwa Rutayisire   I don’t know who wants to hear this today but it’ll eventually reach to a lost soul searching for a little hope. What we see today, what we live today or maybe what happened to each and everyone of us teaches us how […]

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Art Lives

ART LIVES By Ingabire Greta Editor : Shabani Bizimana   Art lives. I am melancholic I have no personality Just tired, tired of trying to impress them Tired of creating for others rather than expressing my silence. Tired of questions that murder my mood Tired of everything Leave me alone I am […]

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Pricetags Are Nothing

PRICETAGS ARE NOTHING By Inès Umurerwa Rutayisire   I am black, you are White, He is asian, and i despise pricetags. Everywhere i go i am labeled Everywhere i pass i must act differently, and be afraid of what i am. She is short, he is fat, They don’t speak […]

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Home Is Not Home Without You

HOME IS NOT HOME WITHOUT YOU By Sharon Amanda Muvara   I think that ever since I started writing, ‘home’ has been one of the words I have used quite a lot. It has been the meaning behind so many of my thoughts and probably the drive behind them as well. […]


SILENCE By Samira Isimbi I want you to love in all the whiteness of it. I want you to watch your body backward Engulfed in the darkness. What do you see? That’s you. The beauty of it, Understand the center of your body, Perceive its change, Know when you’re about […]

When Potential Isn’t Enough

WHEN POTENTIAL ISN’T ENOUGH By Winnie Rugamba   “Winnie, you’re going to do big things in life.” If I got a dollar every single time this was said to me, hey, I would not be sitting in Wiley College trying to get a degree, I’d probably be somewhere in the […]