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SPOKEN WORDS By Inès Umurerwa Rutayisire   To you today, to everyone reading this, because you are a wonderful creature🌻you are amazing, you are so much better than what you think you are, and you know why? Because the way you are created is simply unimaginable. So if today someone told that you can’t do…

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Painted Black

PAINTED BLACK By Inès Umurerwa Rutayisire   Am painted black, I Am a little blossoming flower painted black. My painter chose for me the dark chocolate honey color and i can’t dream my self in any other color other than what was chosen for me, I Am wonderfully designed each feature that makes me is…

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SPOKEN WORDS By Inès Umurerwa Rutayisire   I don’t know who wants to hear this today but it’ll eventually reach to a lost soul searching for a little hope. What we see today, what we live today or maybe what happened to each and everyone of us teaches us how to be strong. And what…

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