Choose Loving Yourself

By Inès Umurerwa Rutayisire

So many flaws we have in our lives and so many things in life we have so many reasons to cry for so many things we have every right to get upset on because there are so many that happened in our lives that we can’t even explain, but let me tell you one thing there ain’t anything literally that happens to you, that you can’t find a solution for, and because that something happened, you can’t change the fact that it happened, but how you respond to it, it’s a choice that you make, if you decide that this thing that happened to you should put you down then you’re deciding to be weak, but if you decide to get up and overcome everything then you’re deciding to be strong, and that’s a choice you only make by yourself. And to overcome anything that happens to you, you have to practice loving yourself because if you don’t love yourself, you will always find a reason to think that you’re not strong enough to overcome your flaws and that is when you’ll start losing yourself, no matter how people will tell you that you are strong, that you can overcome anything and that you’re going to be okay, if you don’t love yourself there is going to be that one voice in your head telling you the opposite because you don’t love yourself and you don’t practice loving yourself, and it’s okay to be on your lows sometimes but you gotta fall back on crosses and realise that your worthy of your own love, you gotta be willing to practice loving yourself, you gotta be willing to tell yourself that you love YOU. Don’t let anything in life that can be overcome put the best of you down don’t let any flaws define you, practice loving yourself and put it, in reality, believe that you love yourself and that if you don’t no one will ever do. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.

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Shabani Bizimana
Shabani Bizimana

Shabani Bizimana is a serial entrepreneur based in Kigali and Founder of Gravity Studios. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, networking and listening to music.