Green Ferry Releases “Mixtape Vol3”

After teasing a new project yesterday (January 12), Green Ferry Music delivers with the new heat for the january holiday in the form of they latest tape, MIXTAPE VOL3.

The Rwandan rappers offers up thirteen new tracks featuring guest spots from Angel Mutoni, Berby Briant, B-Threy and Deo Munyakazi. Nganji provides some of the instrumental turn up, as well as Street Runner.

It seems like Green Ferry might be getting into a habit of dropping on special occasions.

Stream MIXTAPE VOL3 here at Green Ferry Music Channel.

Check out the full track listing, below.

1. “Burya Niwowe” Ice Nova Feat. Red Ink and Bushali

2. “Yarababaye” Bushali 
3. “New Government” Maktain Feat. Prime 
4. “Nkiya Gatera” Pogatsa Feat. Bushali and Ice Nova

5. “My Life” RedInk Feat. Berby Briant and B-Threy 
6. “Moto Moto” Makadem Feat. Prime, Bushali, Angel Mutoni and Ice Nova

7. “House Party” Mazimpaka Prime 
8. “Mbe Mama” Ice Nova Feat. Maktain and Prime

9. “Patron” Pogatsa Feat. Bushali 
10. “Ibanga” Nganji Feat. RedInk, Prime, Pogatsa, Bushali and Ice Nova

11. “Whoop His Ass” Red Ink Feat. Ice Nova and Bushali
12. “Ugurumana” Mazimpaka Prime Feat. Bushali

13. “Shimagiza Ineza” Ice Nova Feat. Deo Munyakazi, Prime and Bushali



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