By Manzi Le Poète


Mom made me, hound made a little dog

God made mom and my past made

my history.

History are every one of the things

occurred previously.

My history as Black is more awful and my history as

Rwandan is most noticeably bad.

i’ve cried a great deal

I endured a great deal. Really I abhor

my history and this directs me

to keep it well for memory, my history

made my days dull, my history made

my life loaded with grieves , my history

made me hungry for hundred days, my

history made me say goodbye to the

one I never knew.

My history made my

Granny puppy’s lunch for 100days.

I’ve thumped down, pursued here and there

because of my identity and the way I’m

shaped .

We didn’t get our parent’s affection

as it was assumed coz of the history.

I’m the father of myself,

i’m simply the mother of my coz of

the history.


History, history I despise u once more, you made me

your detainee, History you made me an

vagrant, you made father a detainee. History

you made mom slaughter dad might be she was frantic

History you put the city down.

In any case, my

tears made my quality and the absence of my

relatives made me work for their pride.

My days are

presently brilliant the sun is currently sparkling for the present also, the future .

God mends for real, History I used to despise you however at this point I truly

welcome the experience you gave which made me

work to fill the holes, and the point of confinement is  no longer the sky.

Presently I realize the extraordinary present I have today is on the grounds that

of the awful past I had.

Rwanda is presently remade; Rwanda is currently sparkling not as gold however more.

Rwanda which is currently reconstructed is

Rwanda of expectation,

Rwanda of harmony,

Rwanda of riches,

Rwanda of security.

Rwanda is home

home is sweet and

I adore home


Home sweet home


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Manzi Arsene
Manzi Arsene

Manzi Arsene best known as Manzi Le Poete is a poet based in Kigali, he is passionate about art and everything which goes with it.