By Keza Melissa

It started like this…i mean like this
Going back to this thought “WHAT IF?”
Coming and going expanding this IF
Then i realised that it’s bigger than it looks.

Through it, doors can open
Miracles can happen
We can see the light when its positive
I mean we can shine and fly
Only IF.

But on the other side it frightens us
It rudely shakes our brains
It destroys us with pain
Shows us how closer the hell is
IF you are just a torturer.

IF…our dreams are big
We wish the whole day…no the whole life
The laughter of the better life tickles us
We step into the new world
Where florets surround us
Oh, how smooth it is…
How easy to breath,

A snap of you and then the emptiness
Reality swallows our happiness,
The pain knocks as it tocks,
Terrorising thoughts begin
Dreams become dreams by then
This chops off the beauty in you IF,

IF, what if I fly and never stop?
What if I dream and never wake up?
What if your two faces become one?
What if my wounds never heal?
Wait what if I’m scared?

IF elate me, ecstatic me
Show me the pathway
Teach me how to
Allow me to walk away
And fight in my way
IF elate me, ecstatic me IF.


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Keza Melissa
Keza Melissa

Keza Melissa writes poems, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense.