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Jay Pac and B-Threy Team Up for Flashy New ‘We Move’ Video

Watch “We Move.”

Jay Pac and B-Threy revel the good life in their flashy new video for “We Move.” The song marks the first time Jay Pac and B-Threy worked together, which was released last week.

In the Taher Visual and Eazy Cuts-directed clip, the rappers perform in front of a screen that displays fiery scenes and stormy weather. The pair appear with their squad and the visual features some Dirty Bikes (Four wheelers), and drones produced by The Beat Machine also known as Davydenko.

“Better watch how we move, move,” Jay Pac and B-threy rap on the closing chorus. “Ndashira Ibuye Kurindi Ndacyubaka Nkumufundi Kuza Guhindura Ukundi, you better watch how we move.”

Jay Pac’s Ijabiro is the follow-up to his debut studio EP album, 2017’s What A Life. The African Boy Rapper’s new LP includes the previously released singles “Isengesho” and “Ihorere,”.