Like Its Not Enough

By Ingabire Greta

Illustration / Elie Hilliard



Like its not enough.

Close ups on life like,
Open up to our world,
Where our love is not enough,
When complaints make up relationships,
Where materials control us,
Like our life itself is not enough.


We seek for the goes and backs, said its on top,
Like what was given was not enough,
Delighted to change our body details,
Like it was never enough.


Never enough to look beautiful,
Never enough to be who you want to be,
Never enough for people,
Then seek for changes in a wrong spot.
Like natural spots are not enough.


Like its not enough,
We build barials between
Me and I.
Like its not enough,
We keep making changes that doesn’t please us and then we fall in the system.


Like its not enough.


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Greta Ingabire
Greta Ingabire

Ingabire Greta she is an Artist. " Paintings brought me color to my life, Poetry gave me words to describe my soul. So then I live to let art be my theme."