Listen to Getts Kent’s debut EP “Insecurities”

Cover Art Remy & GodSonJoint

The Rwandan rapper drops his long-awaited short-length debut on July 13th. Earlier this year, Kent and Kenny dropped their first debut EP as Dope Crack  “Disclosure, a curious choice considering the Rwandan rapper was known to be prepping new music. the album is composed of 5 tracks plus one bonus track with 15 minutes and 44 seconds featuring Kenny K-Shot, Ian Garvey and Arnaud Gray Produced by Getts Kent, King Juzz, Assad and Manzi Berry Maybe it was a way of acknowledging how far he’s come since the release of “Disclosure with Kenny K-Shot —because he release his debut album “Insecurities” on June 13th via Audiomack.

Track List

  1. 2 Slides of a coin
  2. Motivated Feat King Juzz & Manzi Berry
  3. Saucin’
  4. Pocket Watching Feat Arnaud Gray & Kenny kshot
  5. Hennytime
  6. Insecurities (Inro to “Coronation”) Feat King Juzz

Listen to Kent’s New EP “Insecurities” below


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