Manzi Jazil: “I’m Not A Rapper”, I Have A Vision Of Doing Amazing Things (Digital Cover)

Photography by Anthony Maes for TheZoom

TheZoom: Tell us more about yourself ?


Jazil: Well my real name is Manzi am 21 years old born in Rwanda but haven’t been there in years I grew up in South Africa, cape town. Now living & studying in Belgium I’m proudly Rwanda even though I left at a young age but I have a vision of doing amazing things over when I’m finish studying.


TheZoom: When did you leave Rwanda ?


Jazil: I left in 2004, I was living in Kigali, Igikondo


TheZoom: What do you do?


Jazil: I have been doing graphic design for four years now & I’ll be finish in a few months. And I got a clothing line dropping next year I want it to go worldwide that’s first of my long term goals


TheZoom: How did your love of fashion came to be?


Jazil: I’m big hip hop fan more of trap music I got inspired by my favourite trap artist how they dress how they shine from head to toe and when I was young I couldn’t afford all that designer clothes they wear and I loved it so now that I’m older I save up and get whatever clothes I need. I’m a dream chaser.


TheZoom: What are some short / long term goals you have for yourself?


Jazil: My short term goals I’m almost over with it such as finishing school and getting all things I wanted when I was younger such as designer clothes I always wanted grillz on my teeth since I was small if I’m not mistaken most of young boys growing up used to put Aluminum Folie paper pretending it’s gold grillz or silver grillz. Lol including myself so now I got real gold grillz with diamonds on it.



My long term goals are to build up my clothing brand take it worldwide and for the love of music I’ll be practicing to be a DJ on the side too I’m willing to try anything that will bring me more bread cause I’m a hustler and I want to build up houses and shops in Kigali. I know I will make it all. I have so much faith, the Lord that got me where I am today and gave me everything I have now will do it again. I also want to help people as soon as I get the platform to do so.




TheZoom: Do you have someone who influences in fashion?


Jazil: Yes, my elder friends and my elder cousin who live in South Africa, I’ve always wanted to dress up like him because he was so cool and all the girls wanted to hang out with him lol. And of course the hip hop world influenced me more.


TheZoom: What are some of your fashion essentials?


Jazil: Sneakers, Flashy neck


TheZoom: How do you manage your time?


Jazil: My free time I go shopping with my homies or we just stay and double it up. I love relaxing with my guys who I really rock with having fun playing games and such. My free time I also use it to go visit my mom and little sisters take them out or something spend time with them because I live for them


Photo Credit / Anthony Maes

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TheZoom: How would you best describe your style?


Jazil: I’d describe my style as expensive and hard


TheZoom: What is the best and worst purchase you’ve ever made?


Jazil: The best was my playstation 4 I bought it with games and everything at a low price from someone who really needed money.


The worst was buying two ray ban sunglasses in a week and losing them all in the same week.


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Shema Abdoul
Shema Abdoul

Shema Abdoul is a creative currently residing in Kigali, he loves exploring new culture. He is motto is to always be true to yourself and others around you.