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Songs like “Wack” and “No Limit” have that sort of vibe that makes both your party and nighttime playlist complete. The passion for music dates back to his freshman year in high school, the pensive rapper says that writing is his ultimate outlet, allowing people to see what goes on in his head. “I don’t really talk about the way I feel to others. So I keep things bottled up. When I write music or poetry I can fully express myself, giving people a glimpse of how I think and feel.” Art also has a strong place in his heart as well. He started out writing lyrics and the feedback from his friends propelled him to take it further. “For me art is therapeutic.”

Marvin cited Lil Wayne as his biggest musical influence and artists like Tupac, Kanye West, and Jay-z because their art was unconventional but still conveyed messages. “Kanye’s music is beautiful and, it speaks volumes and that’s what gives me more drive to make “powerful music” but to express and just pour out thoughts on a canvas. Like many young creatives, he’s still finding time to balance being creative and going to college. “I just started college but when I’m off I’m either writing, finding beats, or finding ways to further push my music so that I can make this my life.” Outside of that he enjoys playing basketball and staying inspired.

All credit to Marvin

He says that it doesn’t take much to stay inspired. “I could be listening to a beat and once I get the feel for it, lyrics usually come flowing in without much effort, I usually just dive headfirst in it.” His ultimate goal is to make a living off of his creativity. Marvin has a new project coming soon including an EP and his debut album so be on the lookout!


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Twitter: DerrickMarvin

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Soundcloud: DerrickMarvin


Shema Abdoul
Shema Abdoul

Shema Abdoul is a creative currently residing in Kigali, he loves exploring new culture. He is motto is to always be true to yourself and others around you.