My April Schedule

By Manzi Le Poète

My April schedule was in storm

My April schedule was only screams

My April schedule was full of pain

My April schedule wasn’t a dream

My April schedule wasn’t a scribble.

My April schedule wasn’t forged

My April schedule was my own

My April schedule wasn’t a stanza

My April schedule wasn’t my pleasure

My April schedule was upsetting.

I saw days getting red

I saw blood streaming ahead

I saw mom standing but soon a dead

We’ve been chased more than a decade

But yet it wasn’t the end.

I saw Rwandans divided

Like they never been united

But yet Rwanda wasn’t my pride.

What I heard was weird

What I heard was extremely weird

I heard the screams all over the country

I heard killers singing proudly

I heard babies crying hungry

I heard them killers mocking hardly.

I saw the days no longer brightly

But I wonder wasn’t your work so drudgery?

I remember them killing bravely

And celebrated like it was pageantry.

But today wind of hope is waving

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