Just two months since the release of his hit single “Count”, Derrick Marvin is already back on the charts with his newly single “Bea$t”, an S4DM produced banger, no chorus no hook, Marvin is rapping throughout the whole beat.


Everything is different on this track, from the beat to the sound, the rapper seems to have tried a new approach (which turned out to be good) that no one was expecting with this new track, fans who are familiar with tracks like “Bounce”, “Winnin”, were extremely suprised which explains why the track received mainly positive critics across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud.



The Kigalian rapper is already paving his way into the Rwandan music scene and showing everybody that he is young, hungry and ready, with the release last month of his first music video that went viral across the internet and his appearance on the Rwanda National Television (RTV) morning show “Waramutse Rwanda” we have no doubt 2018 will be the year for the Derrick Marvin breakthrough.


Sparkling the rumors of a possible project on the way with the lyrics “Bumping through every speakers in the city when my tape out its gon be a major hit” which leaves us guessing there might be an EP or an Album on the way though there hasn’t been any confirmed date from the artist.


Beast, will there be a video for this one? The question remains unanswered.



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