Prime serves up a hip-hop banger

A Thousand Hills Prodigy, the Kigalian rapper’s first album under Green ferry Music label, proves he’s no one-hit wonder

Hip-hop has always been a deep repository of rags-to-riches narratives. There can’t have been many more glistening rap fairytales, however, than that of Prime, born Mazimpaka Cheguevara, of Rwandan descent. Raised in Kigali, Prime raps from a controlling relationship.

When it hit the internet on the eve of the album’s release, people started freaking out after the album release one highlight – Mama Am Gone– with Mazimpaka’s sung vocals.

A Thousand Hills Prodigy, then, has two jobs – to keep up the supply of memorable bangers, and to move the Prime story along by demonstrating versatility.

With his furious, instantly identifiable flows (no narcotised mumble-raps here) and his unapologetic determination to break out of the lane he was trapped in, Prime is already doing a great deal to shake up hip-hop.


  1. Itangiriro
  2. A thousand Hills
  3. His Story (Feat IceNova)
  4. Warfare (Feat White Monkey)
  5. Interlude
  6. Holla
  7. Mama Am Gone
  8. You Make Me Feel (Feat Andy Bumuntu)
  9. Light Up (Feat Jules)
  10. Give It All (Feat IceNovA, Milly)
  11. Blessed (Feat IceNova, White Monkey, Maktain)
  12. Dedication (Feat Binghi)

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Shema Abdoul
Shema Abdoul

Shema Abdoul is a creative currently residing in Kigali, he loves exploring new culture. He is motto is to always be true to yourself and others around you.