Prove Them Wrong

By Manzi Le Poète


Prove them wrong, do it,

 just do it  for those who

want to see you down, no

Matter the words in the

World just feel determined

Work as it’s the last chance

In your way. They don’t

Wanna see u achieving but

Achieve just to prove them

Wrong. Ride your life to

Success just to prove them


live your life to the

Fullest just to prove them


pray your God with no

Rest just to prove them wrong

Love them and respect them

Just to prove them wrong.


Make them appreciate you

Need no gun but more work and

Love. Never get angry with them,

And never value their words just

Keep calm and chill they will finally

Appreciate. Never worry you Got

A fan, the one above is your

Strongest fan  since day one to

The infinity and you have to make

Him proud.

Day melts but

Achievements never melt, life melts

But achievements never melts.just

Achieve to prove them wrong.

Remember you have to be the pride

Of your terrible fan.

Think wide

Dream big

Work to death

Pray to the fullest.

Love them and respect

Them just to prove them wrong.



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Manzi Arsene
Manzi Arsene

Manzi Arsene best known as Manzi Le Poete is a poet based in Kigali, he is passionate about art and everything which goes with it.