REVIEW: Disclosure

“The Dope Crack debut album, DISCLOSURE, was released January 13st, 2018. Since then, it has received critical acclaim and has been streamed over 1000 times on Even though the vocals seem to get lost in the loud instrumental solos and rushed tempos, the album shines as a modern throwback to classic hair metal.”

The album “DISCLOSURE” is composed of 6 tracks plus a bonus track called Bartier featuring Rexx IQ produced by Trent Kent and Getts kent. Wait till you hear The “NO SHOPPING” freestyle by Kenny K Shot.

The DOPE CRACK or simply CRACK stands for Creative Rap And Creative Knowledge, as a group they went on to release their first single “Underrated” plus the visual for it that came out in February 2016,

On January 13th 2017 the group won two awards at the RwandaYouth Awards as Best Artist of the Year and The Video of the Year.

Bitch Better Have My Money, the fifth song on the album is in fact as you might have guessed a remake of Rihanna’s single of the same name, this amazing piece of work features both rappers from the duo, and has managed to gain the group a little bit of attention across the city.   

The first thing to note about DOPE CRACK for anyone who may have made non -Dope Crack-related plans for their leisure time is that it is long—dauntingly so. Its 7 tracks range across 21 minutes and 26 second of digital space. Maybe the Dope Crack just had that many ideas they simply could not deign to edit down.

“We wanted people to really know the Dope Crack, who we are and what we do, Before releasing our first mixtape titled “The Coronation” because before some people only knew K-Shot or Getts Kent and didn’t really understand what the Dope Crack was, So hence naming it the Disclosure EP” – Kenny K-shot.

Produced By: Trent Kent and Getts Kent.

You can Stream DICSLOSURE on SoundCloud

You can Stream DICSLOSURE on AudioMack

DopeCrack’s Disclosure Tracklist

  1. “Sidewalks”
  2. “Kid Cudi”
  3. “No Shopping” Kenny K-Shot
  4. “KGL To Chiraq”
  5. “B.B.H.M.M” Getts Kent
  6. “No Dodging”

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Instagram: thedopecrack

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