The Concretz Gang Music is back with their first ever project, a mixtape composed of 9 tracks from 5 different producers, I know this sound like a heavy thing wait until you listen to it.


1, 2, 3 bougez vous, I just wanna see you move, I don’t really care what you do all I wanna see is Bougez-vous et Ce soir vous restez avec nous


Bougez Vous, the first track on the mixtape, when you hear Miguel’s voice on the chorus mixing with the guitar melody on the beat, it makes me think I was in a sort of GALA or Soiree with a suit on and just vibing to the rhythm. Yezzir and G-llain coming up with chill voices on the first and second verse (respectively) is just amazing, streaming the first track the first thing that came to my mind is “THIS MIXTAPE IS GONNA BE FIRE”


As a group, Concretz went on to release hits like “Turn Up”, “Reba”, “Smash On “among others that generated them a really strong fan base and attention across the whole city.


“Life of Substance is a testimony of a generation of artists raised by the hip-hop culture” according to G-llain (Member of Concretz)


But I think it’s more of a revolution than just a testimony, it is quite different from all this music playing across the City, this is a revolution that shows that Rwandan Artists are able and have the capacity of hitting the international market. The art of mixing English and Kinyarwanda makes it easier for the listener to get more familiar with the artist, for a local listener they will directly feel more familiar with the artist and know they are from home. As for a foreigner, they will automatically locate the artists which is what I think every rapper’s dream is people to know where you come from, what story you want to tell and what/where you represent.


As we interviewed the group they told us that this was just the beginning of a very long journey and that we should expect more music from them. I will not talk more about the mixtape I wouldn’t want to spoil your first listen (lol) but I highly recommend you to listen to this amazing piece of work.




Concretz’s Life of Substance Tracklist

  1. “Bougez – Vous” Yezzir, Miguel, G-llain
  2. “Gold Digger” G-llain
  3. “Supremacy” Miguel Feat. Chris Rud
  4. “How we Do It” G-llain Feat. Derrick Marvin
  5. “Tinted Dreams” Yezzir Feat. Miguel
  6. “King” Yezzir
  7. “Opium Du Rap” Chris Rud Feat. Yezzir
  8. “Story Dope” G-llain
  9. “At The End” Wonder Boi, Miguel, Yezzir, G-llain


Listen to Concretz’s Life Of Substance Mixtape below

Life of Substance


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Shema Abdoul
Shema Abdoul

Shema Abdoul is a creative currently residing in Kigali, he loves exploring new culture. He is motto is to always be true to yourself and others around you.