REVIEW: Mrs. Platinum

The photographer David Berg turned to a singer and recently released his “Mrs. Platinum” music video on Friday, March 23, and apparently this is his first visual. The three minute and twenty-two seconds video showcase Berg’s new self, since the old him. Filmed by Gabin Ty and directed by DavidBerg himself.

The music video stars off a little slow with Berg waking up in a small house (Ghetto), but then as soon as the beat picks up speed, so does the video. Throughout the video, Berg wakes up and goes to work; he works as a Cobbler in the street. There is little light in the Scenes, giving the music video an air of mystery.

As the beat kicks, he meets with a Philippine girl to hanging out with her after. Another interesting element is Berg’s outfit ___ he dresses simple with a brown shirt and when he is filmed with the girl, he wears a more chill outfit — a blue overall and a blue jays plus a Jordan cap.

Berg and the girl act playful towards each other, with Berg dancing on the beat. This music video shows the two being almost flirtatious towards one another, which leaves the viewers with some questions about their relationship status.

Berg shows his new edgy self through his outfits and hairstyles in the music video. His fashion choices are captivating, though some clothing items were better than others. He starts off the music video showing his hair up. While he is in garden he has a black cap of Jordan in one scene. Which is memorable and bold? The sparkly colorful striped dressed is unexpected, since almost all the other clothing choices he had were blue and retro-looking.

The music matches up with the scenes in the music video well. The beat and Berg’s dancing also fit together. However, for such an upbeat song, the scenes in the video were very good. In all, there should have been more lighting to the video to make the peppy music fit with the video. At the same time, the shadows and darkness in the video give the music video a peculiar vibe.

Overall, the music video is good, but it was not as creative as expected. Berg seems to want to reinvent himself as a singer now. Thinking back to the 19-year-old photographer who took Creative pictures, it’s amazing how much Berg has transformed. However, the artist is older than he was back then, so he is obviously going to change.

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