REVIEW: Seasons Change

MAKTAIN delivers album number One, dropping his new LP, Seasons Change, (February 26).

But the weight of this release should be clear even without prior knowledge: Maktain has pulled together a set of collaborators, including major names (Prime, Weya Viatora, lce Nova, Theory and Amalokn)

“Don’t you call me by my real name I prefer Maktain if you’re not funny Don’t you call me by my mother‘s name” he intones gravely on the intro. “Promise LAND It’s too bad, then,

Maktain also known for his song such as “HADE”, “22” signed to Green Ferry Music the Hade singer is obsessed with showing up anyone who doubts him, but if Seasons is supposed to offer evidence proving them wrong, it is a miserable failure. “Drake is my current favorite artist and i plan to be bigger than him” he says

The album is still way too long (13 tracks, 45 minutes) and with the quality of talent on board here it’s genuinely hard to pick a standout moment. The South African rapper Maktain team up with Prime for a thudding ‘New Government’. Weya Viatora slows the pace with her assured in “Clouds”, Maktain lags deliriously behind the trap beat, sounding as comfortable as he ever has. And that’s not to mention the album version of the atmospheric lead single ‘Hade with over 500 Hundred views on YouTube.

He uses his bars like a party trick, pulling them out sparingly to show casual onlookers he was a bit more interesting. But he’s leaning more heavily on his raps now, to his detriment. Everything he raps on Seasons Change is something you’ve never heard before.

Maktain test-runs a partial entreaty “I just turn 22” On the Album’s sixth track “22” with (1minute, 48seconds) over 250 hundred views on YouTube. Songs don’t always need big second acts or elaborate arrangements. Sometimes, less is more. 

Produced by Ngabo Nganji

Maktain’s Seasons Change Tracklist

  1. “Promise Land”
  2. “Winter Thoughts”
  3. “New Government” Feat. Prime
  4. “GMS” Feat. Prime
  5. “JC Le Roux” Feat. Theory
  6. “22”
  7. “Welcome to the trap”
  8. “Why Lie” Feat. Ice Nova and Theory
  9. “Clouds” Feat. Weya Viatora
  10. “Make a Move”
  11. “Good Times”
  12. “Hade”
  13. “Wa Mpona” Feat. Amalokn

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