Roundly gorgeous

When doing passing through boutiques while shopping and see the mannequins, we all dream to look like them. Long legs, tight hips, and the perfect breast size to make it the body that every girl should wish to have. But that us just a stereotype that bring negative thoughts about us and take down our self-confidence. This shouldn’t be a challenge because we are all beautiful inside and out through our differences of color, shape, height, weight; it is a question of our own conception of happiness.



Ladies blessed with weight of glory… “Size+” as said in some part of Africa, experience hard time through their life because of being judged and mistreated by people. Life should not end within 45kg and all that delicious food are made to be eaten and what others think about you should not define what you really are. Your personality has to be the big winner of this fight and find a way to troc your tears with a big smile and spread your happiness to the persons around you.



A big smile on your face is not the only challenge but eating healthy food and do exercise may be the key to all bad oars surrounding you. A good habit of jogging, yoga, swimming help stress out and push out isolation, retrogressive and depressive thoughts. All that is certainly the best therapy to fight all the custom negative opinions said, heard and read


All that is yet the end of the journey. Once we accept and take care of ourselves, being slim and skinny is no longer the ideal size we dream about. We are now good with our shapes and leave a happy life and we also dare to wear fashion trends. Now dresses, short skirts, jeans, height heels, and all the multitude types of clothes that you thought were not for you and all the colors are just a simple choice in your closet. And who said we couldn’t be gorgeous with a round shape. These pictures below just prove it and you should take the example and shut down the bad mouths around you with your sense of fashion.