By Samira Isimbi

I want you to love in all the whiteness of it.

I want you to watch your body backward
Engulfed in the darkness.
What do you see?
That’s you.
The beauty of it,
Understand the center of your body,
Perceive its change,
Know when you’re about to get sick,
Seat still and learn the difference of its temperature.

Talk to me,
I am not as lonely as people think,
I am wise,
He says.
I know the depths of your hearts
And the secrets burried there,
So befriend me
I will teach you the unbeknownst.

Am afraid I said.
You seem so dark but whole,
So alive but dead,
So wide to grasp,
So untiring to comprehend,
As much as I am attracted to wisdom,
I fear your name.
It tells it all,
The stillness behind you,
The unscreamed words that follow,
The sentences unsaid that lie beside you,
The mouths shut beneath your robe,
They stare at me expressionlessly,
I don’t want be one of them.

I assure you.
I won’t swallow you,
I didn’t come this way to cover up another human being,
There is no fun in that,
They see me and run away and fearing me make them stumble and fall to their own face,
And it makes them weak,
Unable to stand to their feet again.
Approach me with ease,
Listen to what I have to say.
Haven’t you once sat with that crowd
And thought:
I rather be home under my warm duvet,
Thinking about something calmly.
Don’t run away from me
FAce me
Face your thoughts
Face your depression
I mean face your demons
Give them a seat
And a soap to wash their hands
Make them comfortable
And bring them tea and lemon like you love it
And then have a long conversation with them
Let them teach you
And tell them your heart
Stare them right in their eyes and don’t be afraid.
If you don’t have something to talk about close your eyes and imagine
But don’t run away from me.

I am wise and you need me
I am a source of wisdom
Keep me close
I will reveal You
Things left unsaid
I will teach you how to love with Grace
Don’t run face me.

Samira Isimbi
Samira Isimbi