By Inès Umurerwa Rutayisire


Illustration / MikaXh

To you today, to everyone reading this, because you are a wonderful creature🌻you are amazing, you are so much better than what you think you are, and you know why? Because the way you are created is simply unimaginable. So if today someone told that you can’t do anything, if someone did just underestimated you or your whole person today, if someone today gave you a false reason to think that you should change your looks or your fashion sense or your way of doing what pleases you, all to please the spectators, well tell that someone one thing, tell them that you are the captain of your life, you are the one who knows what you can do with your life, what your life needs to be better, what pleases you, tell them that you are *you* and they can’t be *you*. People don’t think that they are doing wrong when they want to constantly change you because they don’t know you because they can’t understand what is actually in you, we are all different no one was created to be the same as the other. People will feel threatened of what you can become and choose to put you down with words, people will not be as confident as you are in your skin and they will choose to change you instead of admiring you, people will hate you because your are different. But if you know that you are unique, if you believe that you are a wonder, if you feel great being your own persona that no one can copy, if you love what you are no one can ever be able to destroy you, so be happy today and love *YOU*.


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Inès Rutayisire
Inès Rutayisire

Inès Umurerwa Rutayisire she is a journalist in the making, passionate about art poetry, drawing, etc..