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HISTORY  By Manzi Le Poète   Mom made me, hound made a little dog God made mom and my past made my history. History are every one of the things occurred previously. My history as Black is more awful and my history as Rwandan is most noticeably bad. i’ve cried a great deal I endured a…

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Prove Them Wrong

PROVE THEM WRONG By Manzi Le Poète   Prove them wrong, do it,  just do it  for those who want to see you down, no Matter the words in the World just feel determined Work as it’s the last chance In your way. They don’t Wanna see u achieving but Achieve just to prove them Wrong.…

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The Peak I Dreamt To Reach

THE PEAK I DREAMT TO REACHBy Manzi Le Poète   Carl Sandburg once said “Nothing Happens unless first we dream “.C.S. Lewis said “you are never too old set another goal or to dream another dream” Martin Luther King said “I have a dream “.  Marian Anderson said “When you stop having dreams and ideals–…

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