Best Picks From Tanga’s New Collection 2019


For his new 2019 collection, Tanga Designs tease us with his brand new collection “Believe in couture SS20”. “I don’t see myself into the competition they brought me in,” the 23-year-old designer tweeted. “The billboard might not say my name but the streets undoubtedly cry for my art, I’ll let that consume your every thought, and dream.” Now he’s poking fun at the ’90s using Tanga Designs collection’s latest Believe in Couture, not in Groups pieces with a late-night style.


The ad speaks to the women who put on makeup during their daily commutes and drop their mascara brushes, may have gotten splashed by “yucky street water” — or who simply wear garments that can go from day to night to day again.



A press release for the collection states every piece in the Believe in Couture, not in Groups line is machine washable to make life easier for the woman and man on the go. The pictures take you through everyday scenarios that could stain or dampen your clothes like a spilled coffee or a makeup stain. Each scenario is then demonstrated on a desert land while models wear different pieces from the Believe in Couture, not in Groups collection.


The spoof promises that if you order in the next 20 minutes, Tanga Designs will have a slumber party with you. Then, a narrator’s voice booms: Tanga Designs is likely not [going] to have a slumber party with you and supermodel not included.” At the end of the infomercial, Tanga quoted “Fashion is what I take from my brain not what I take from the internet” delivers the funniest quip of all with a single word: “luxury.”


Leave it to Tanga Designs to do something so basic yet so good.



Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Chris_Schwagga


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