The 4 Ultimate Keys To Living A Beautiful Life

By Nadia Lorraine


Life is a beautiful gift each of us has ever been blessed with. Everyone’s life got its own ups and downs and there are people you get amazed by how they cope with their lives due to how they embrace the great things happening to them, more than the attention they give to the wrong and there are other people who give you the impression of living hell on earth. It’s all the matter of the person’s perspective to life, how they deal with it and what they want to bring to it.


Most of what happens in life do not have concrete meaning. We love to say that life is mysterious; may be because we cannot tell what the future holds, or may be because we are not sure why a certain event occurred in the past. Though, there is a part of this puzzle we can control. The present! Below are four keys to presently make your future and present life beautiful.



Gratitude is all about appreciating what you have and celebrating it. I once read that what you celebrate, you expand. Just know that the more you rejoice in what you have the more you get. Gratitude is also expressed in giving. Sharing what you have is an indirect, but so awesome way of thanking the giver.



By feeding, I want to talk about the normal food you take for your body growth & heath and the food for the soul. Even though it’s so important to take balanced meals each day for a beautiful life, my paramount focus here, is the food for your inner-self. Read. It can be either the Bible or Quran or novels or articles or anything that will teach you something.  Everytime in your life, seek to gain something you didn’t have, your life will be golden.



Now, what makes life funnier and more beautiful than adventures? Ain’t nothing, babe! Adventures engage you to gratitude, adventures allow you to use what you fed your spirit with, adventures feed you, adventures are everything! Daring to do that thing you have always wanted to do and living life to the fullest is what I am referring to. Do not allow fear to hinder you from living, go out there and make mistakes, we learn by doing and not by following rules.



The last but not least key had to be meditation. Lately, I have started to practice meditation (“the breath in and out” and other stuff thing) and believe me this practice is magical. I joined it to explore a new thing and to honor a friend’s invitation when I first started and to my surprise this was more than what I expected! Whether you want to boost your self-love or self-esteem level or anything you want to develop in your life, meditation is the key. Start today and you will thank me later.


The four key elements list is finished, but again, know that we learn by doing rather than following rules and life is too short to live it miserably. So go out there and live life to the fullest, face challenges with a head held high and live good moments to the fullest. Keep in mind that it is true when they say “you only live once” and make that once count. Cheers to life!

Nadia Lorraine
Nadia Lorraine

Nadia Lorraine has always wanted to pursue writing as a career.