The choreographer behind the Gambino video This Is America

Meet Sherrie Silver, The Rwandan sister who choreographed and directed the Childish Gambino video This Is America. It is only three days since the video was released and the love is in the air with over 48M views on YouTube.

Sherrie Silver she’s a dancer, choreographer, actress, creative director and her love for kid is just unconditional and that makes her more love-able. Last year Sherrie came to Rwanda, with two mission first, helping feeding and providing “street survival packs” for homeless children in Rwanda. she also have a foundation called “Change A child’s Life

“Every child deserves a future and a comfortable life. Alone I can only do so much. Join me by sponsoring a child”

However, I have decided that enough is enough and I will be travelling back to house some of the kids. It will not be an orphanage with many children, but each house will in fact consist of two adults, two which will operate as a loving mother and father and a maid. Each home will also limited to 5 kids. In the meantime, we will work with parents (if the children have any) to rehabilitate them and help them gain skills for employment.

Each child will join school, receive health insurance, rehabilitation and the love of a family.

Her Second mission was to teach what she does the best which means dancing with famous Rwandan dancers  Manzi Mbaya and Didier Mdizzo.

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