The first Artery show in Rwanda

Every Space Is A Stage

On 28th November, the first Artery show took place for the first time in Kigali hosted by the official ambassador of Artery in Rwanda Denis also known by he’s stage name as Kanaka

The 25-years-old tells us how he believes in Rwandan creativities, and their potential to achieve great things born in Rwanda, In our extended conversation, we talked about the projects he’s worked on this year and how it feels to blow up.Except more form this artist.

This project of Artery as the aim to connect people across Rwanda and soon across the globe. The money people spend on Artery goes directly back into the local scene. Hosts and performers work out how they split the support you’re providing, so everyone is getting a fair shake.

In each Artery shows Kanaka says he want to collaborate with local artists to create some epic and memorable event. This time we had the pleasure to see E.T and MAZO performing for the first time in front of a quite people at mamba

“Artery is already a remarkably diverse community. It cuts across occupation, ethnicity, income levels – just like culture is supposed to. One reason people go to an Artery is to experience something outside their cultural bubble, to meet new people at a human scale. Watching a group of strangers connect in a shared space around an intimate experience is amazing. The most common feedback we get from attendees is “you had to be there” and we’re proud to build a platform for this kind of community.” – Artery

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