The inside story of Mucyo’s “Free EP”, recorded at Mothaland

Prolific Kigalian singer Mucyo, has shared his latest release: a six-track EP called Free. It’s entirely produced by Kanaka and Eloie , the similarly productive producer behind projects from Blur, etc,

Her debut album, ‘Blur, released last summer, similarly sees her face up to fears in tracks that lay her personal life and heartbreak bare. And following up a set of stellar EPs, which included co-production by Eloi El, Kanaka probably wasn’t easy, too.

Listen below and see if you don’t catch a vibe.

The inside story of her stunning New EP

1.      How are you feeling about ‘Free’?

It’s a perfect representation of my transformations combined with the sounds that truly feed my soul.

2.     Are there any song you’ve re-recorded for it?


3.     I hear you’ve been somewhere pretty special for this album….

I mean… yeah this was a beautiful project to work on. Very different to Blur. This was more of a love letter to all humans / those who came before & the Universe as a whole.

4.     And it was a live-in place?


5.     Who produced the EP?

Eloi El, same genius who worked on Blur. Mike Kayihura beautifully laid down the keys on Raindrops & Kanaka hooked up the guitar on Free (ft Angell Mutoni).

6.     Must be good to close the album with Mothaland seeing as you’d worked with them for a long time beforehand…

I started working there end of 2017 so not that long but yeah, that’s my family.

7.     Some of those studios were live-in environments. That must have been intense, right?

It wasn’t live in. But yeah Mothaland is not only a studio, there is a tattoo parlor as well, so there’s often a lot of people around. But everyone is very respectful when it comes to recording.

8.    Why did you release the track ‘Raindrops’ first?

No particular reason, it was the first track I did around that time that fit in perfectly with the smooth vibe I wanted for my next project after Blur. Plus it was the rainy season around that time so it felt pretty poetic.

9.     Now that the album is done, what is something you’d wish you’d known at the start?

Maybe that growth as an artist and experimenting with sounds is not taboo. i figure whatever I play around with will be an expression / reflection of parts of me so it’s impossible to lose that essence.

10. When do you know something like this is finished, though? I don’t think it’s ever finished. This coming from a perfectionist. I think you can put hours into something and it still won’t be perfect to the next man because we all have different palates. But for me, it’s usually a gut feeling from within that I’m ready to share it with the people.

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