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Watch Mucyo’s new video for “Rewind”

Mucyo has shared the first video from her first EP album Blur. The “Rewind” video mostly portrays the signer Angell Mutoni court up with a man. Angell’s facing and stirring the man. The clip kicks with the melody and Mucyo flows over the beat, and we see Angell and the man playing a game called “Igisoro” the traditional board game and Mucyo release assures us that It was filmed by the Exactly The Way it is, a team of two female filmmakers always creating good vibes. “Mucyo,” wrote, introducing the clip on Twitter. “my people, thank you for capturing this.”

Her first debut album upon its was released in summer 2018 and composed of five songs with one featuring Mike Kayihura. Mucyo has now two projects and a latest release “The Waters

Watch the video for “Rewind” at the top of the page.

Thumbnail image: Kakazi