We Are What We Consume

Did you know that what we eat can effect our life?

Some of us when we are eating, we only care about how the food looks or how it taste but we always forget the proteins, vitamins, calories that are in that food.


How can we tell the food is good for our health?

Try to eat something light, food that won’t get your stomach tiresome while digesting, food that gives you energy.

Try fruits, vegetables like “salads”, meat, breads ,a lot of water…


What should we avoid?

Although oily food is taste but it is not healthy, nowadays we find ourselves using poisoning oil thinking we are using the best or buy some because they are cheaper.

if you really want to maintain a good healthy life, try to cook with healthy oil like coconut oil, olive oil,…

Always remember don’t eat too much in less time or eat every hour.

It is not good to immediately sleep after a meal, try at least 30 minutes before bed

Don’t workout after a meal.

Don’t drink too much while eating.

Remember to always take a light dinner, something easy  and healthy.


How can we maintain a good healthy?

 As we kept on saying it, try to eat healthy and in order.

Drink a lot of water.

Do physical exercises (if you are lazy put on songs and dance to it, or walk around to free your mind and your body).

“Your body is a temple, keep it holy and fit.”

Madinah Iradukunda
Madinah Iradukunda

Madinah Iradukunda writes SEO articles for businesses that want to see their Google search rankings surge. (What she does.)