Who Are You To Chase The King?

By Manzi Le Poète


Who are you to chase the king


Who are you chase your saviour who saved you with no bid, where u’ve been there in the bin. He is a king, he is a father, he is the mightiest please don’t chase him.


The man i used to chase.

I was chasing the king and i didn’t knew. lucky me now i knew him, he is the king of the kings, he revealed all to me. The man i used to chase, he is the man i praise now.


I was homeless and i was hopeless but he healed all, tho i used to chase him. Let me get your attention and tell you what wasn’t my expectation.


I used to chase him and i got no punishment, isn’t that a caring father? no death he gave, even a wound. Jesus is a caring father is the mightiest warrior.


Jesus is his name. Grace and mercy are his merits, lion of judah, legend of david’s family, son of a carpenter is the one who became the ransom of the world.


Son of a carpenter and the virgin mary who got no fame before is the one who healed, the one who shutted all the screams around, the one who cleaned all tears out.


Raise his name, speak loud his mercy, tell out his grace, he is the one to believe i, the one who moved his race from Egypt to a promised land.


Go praise, Go worship his name, believe him your life will be of happiness only.



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Manzi Arsene
Manzi Arsene

Manzi Arsene best known as Manzi Le Poete is a poet based in Kigali, he is passionate about art and everything which goes with it.