Yannick MYK Touches Down With “IMYOTSI 2.0”

Yannick’s unique style makes a return.

Traclist. PS// This image was done by anonymous. Kandi nyamaganiye kure cyane!

Yannick MYK stunned the hip-hop game with his album IMICO MIBI mu rusengero last year, and IKIBANDI earlier this year, delivering a contemplative and artistic piece of work that was a strong contemporary effort. The young spawn of hip-hop royalty returned on Thursday (November 22) with another entry in his new series. Entitled IMYOTSI 2.0, the project isn’t a direct sequel, but it still exists within the series. Below, Yannick explains the distinction much better.

IMYOTSI 2.0: runs for 20 tracks, and contains two features only Sogokuru and Remy Stones. Yannick embarks on this journey on his own, delivering another unique and well-thought-out piece. Stream the project on SpotifyTidal and  iTunes below